Les Studios HOLPAC – the first Open Days (JPO) of HOLPAC and ARRI Cine Technik www.arri.de for discovery and transfer of knowledge competence from Germany to Mauritania were held from November 5th to November 7th in Nouakchott.

The great ARRI Company sent the Managing Director of Africa and India, Mr Stefan Nitsche, the Head of Global Application & Services, Mr Mathias Gentsch and the Business Development Manager, Mr Fahd Amezzargou to Mauritania.


The main objective was to showcase German technology in the field of professional lighting for Cinema and Television with many technological advances in soft lighting solutions with ARRI LED projectors with color temperatures from 2.800K to 10.000K.



This new technology saves 85% of energy bills, with a 3-year warranty and the availability of replacement parts over a period of 10 years after end of production.

The 1st day was focused on the discovery of Skypanel projectors S60-C. About fifteen young film technicians took part at Les Studios HOLPAC. The demonstrations allowed the people present to discover the history of the light in an audiovisual presentation, the techniques of use of the light with respect to our demands, handling of the lampheads by the light technicians and the correction of the shades of colors between subjects of different complexions on the same set.



The 2nd day and 3rd day were dedicated to the visit of the various channels of National Television (Television of Mauritania SA – El Mourabitoune TV – Sportive Television FFRIM etc …). These visits allowed the television channels to benefit from the demonstrations on the spot with the presence of the different Technical Directors and lighting technicians.



Les Studios HOLPAC have the ambition to strengthen this collaboration with ARRI in the coming weeks in order to create opportunities to work, to use professional equipment and access to this sophisticated technology in Mauritania.

Les Studios HOLPAC are very grateful to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mauritania for their strong support for the success of this first event in Mauritania.





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